Online Fiction

On this page, you will find short stories and excerpts from my books that you can read online or download as PDFs. At this time, these are free files subject to personal use only and subject to all the current copyright laws, of course. In the future, this may also be the place to find original stories for purchase. I am still thinking this part through. Stay tuned.

Short Stories

Gladys, Who Writes the Checks, Has the Flu         PDF: Gladys Link

Book Excerpts

The Coincidence Couch

Dr. Big

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicians

The Jabberwock Came Whiffling

Return of Captain Conquer

Surfing Saumrai Robots

Hawaiian UFO Aliens (Surfing Samurai Robots sequel)

The Pumpkins of Time

The Planetoid of Amazement

Britney Spears is a Three-headed Alien!

Star Trek: The Starship Trap

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Boogeymen